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The International Academy of Napoli is the Italian leading WORLD-CLASS International School that provides academic excellence, professional education and real on-the job training in topics like Engineering, Business Technologies, Innovation, Management and Esthetician Arts. Today the IAN is proud to be represented by outstanding faculty members and graduated students, who are recognised around the world for their expertise and impact.

IAN’s excellence in the field of Further Education takes inspiration from professional and personal experiences as well as a mix of traditional teaching and innovation systems of cultural and cross-cultural trends.

The IAN is proudly supported by associated Companies, which are leaders in the focused sectors of our studies.

Topics are taught to Italian and International students in class, during workshops and labs, effectively preparing all participants  towards their perfect places in the world of business.

Please have a look at our services:

Reception Service 9:00 to 17:00
Bar/Lounge: 9:00 to 17:00
Italian SIM Card opening service in Campus (Offer for International Callings)
Telephone-Internet Provisioning in Campus
Bank Account opening service in Campus
Rail Ticket and Flight Reservations in Campus
Accommodation/Housing Service
Students Food Ticket in Campus
Pick-up Service
Assistance for Tax Code and Residence Permit
Job Placement Assistance in Campus
Indoor/Outdoor Paid Internship Service in Campus
Western Union
Free WiFi

The Campus: centrally located and equipped with all the facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay, our main Campus is that kind of environment which is generally called home!

The IAN Academy offers 5 classrooms fully equipped for electronic and technician/artistic studies and a lounge where students can relax or self-study during the day.